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Friday, December 28, 2012


By Silvia Uribe
In the midst of celebrating the Holidays, it seems that we, the people, are oblivious to the financial/political reality that we face as a country. We hear about the financial troubles, we are sort of aware of the risks to come, but for now, we don’t want to think about the possibility of our country falling into a second recession. However, the possibility seems inevitable, especially if we consider that as of now, we are already being strangled with a 2% increase in our taxes. Why? Because Washington didn’t come to a rational agreement on time. Whose fault is this?

As a country, we’ve been fighting the fight, a big one, all over the world, against terrorists and terrorism. We have spent trillions of dollars in such a quest. But, how is it that Congress is holding us hostage to their political interests, their lack of vision, and of their ineptitude altogether?

Our representatives’ tantrums are tiring, insulting, and dangerous for our county. Most of the time, they behave like capricious infants - when they don’t like the game that’s being played, they want to take the ball go home -. As citizens of this country we should hold these career politicians accountable for their actions. We are only a few days from another financial debacle, and they don't do their job. Meanwhile the whole country nail-biting, and waiting on them!

The President is doing what he can to avoid serious financial consequences for 99% of Americans, while the Speaker of the House shows his party servitude to interests that are not the majority’s. Among the people, there is an overwhelming feeling of lack of control, and hopelessness. 

Congress'  careless attitude makes us wonder why, if we are going after terrorists all over the world, we let our government terrorize us with their indolence toward the majority, and their less than stellar performance while doing their job?

In the meantime, those inept representatives are indulging in their libation of power – as intoxicating as the strongest drug – and trusting that for them, not facing the average Joe’s problems, next year will be a good one. What about us? They should realize that  they’re stretching us too thin.

The people of this country are hard working individuals. We do our part. We are not a mass of 300 million people living in the United States. Each one of us is a human being with dreams and hopes for a better future for our families. Our country is strong due to the individual effort of each one of us. We deserve from the people we elect to represent us to be responsive to us. Our representatives are not there to rule, but to make sure that the needs and wants of the people are met. 

Through our world history, we know that indolent governments and financially oppressed societies make a very dangerous combination. Our country has always striven on giving its people the chance to do well during their productive years, so that they can enjoy life in their retirement. All of us, citizens of this country, expect to savor the fruit of our hard work. It is only fair that we are granted the chance to do it.   

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