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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


By Silvia Uribe

Recently, a friend of mine asked if I consider myself a feminist, and whether feminism spoke to me as a woman today.

Here is my response:

I am a woman, who raised women, and support women. I try not to judge other women. I try to be an ally to all women. I respect women and their right to choose the way they want to live their live. I value my freedom and all women's freedom more than anything. 

I like, love, and admire, men who do the same. Men that are free and confident, who support women, and our right to be free and confident.

I want to see more women read more, and be more prepared to be more independent. Independence goes far beyond making money. Being independent is a way of conducting one self in all circumstances, and in front of anyone. I believe that independence of our minds is the most important, so we don't let anyone dictate how we feel, or how we think, or act. We are as capable, and as strong as anyone else. There is historical proof that women have always found our own way.

I frequently remind women about the unavoidable personal responsibility that comes with freedom: Making sure that we use that freedom in a way that will elevate us, personally, and as a group, a little bit more every day.  Of course, we will make mistakes, but as soon as we realize that we've made one, we need to show our strength by correcting the path immediately.

Finally, I always warn women about something that can even be a life preserving point - It is true that we, women, can do anyting we want. No doubt about it. Any-thing! Just never lose sight of the fact that everything comes at a price. So when we set a goal for ourselves, we should honestly evaluate, in advance, if what we desire is worth the price.
Yes. I am a feminist!