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Thursday, December 16, 2010


December 16, 2010

In relation to our previous posting, regarding CHIPOTLE "cooperation with ICE" we've received communication from CHIPOTLE's workers' representatives in Minnesota [NAIR_CC:7866]:

Thank you for forwarding this aticle. In Minnesota, we are working with the workers and they are supporting a boycott. From our meeting with workers there are three main demands for Chipotle: (1) that Chipotle tell the truth about what's going on -- they won't say anything to the fired workers or to the media; (2) that Chipotle give people more time, don't fire them immediately; and (3) that Chipotle pay them for their hours work and the year-end bonuses they are due. And they have the demand for ICE to stop these I-9 audits so this doesn't happen to anyone else.
In solidarity,

Anh Pham
It seems CHIPOTLE is not only "cooperating" with ICE, but also they're trying to make money out of their employees. Hmmmm...
CALL TO ACTION: SUPPORT THE BOYCOTT (and re-post this comment)

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