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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Burning Of The Koran - A Dilusion Or A Plan?

By Silvia Uribe
September 10, 2010

Terry Jones is the man who was, or is planning to burn 200 plus Koran (Quran) against all better judgment. But, who is this character anyway? And how did we get to learn about him and his plans? Yes, what he’s planning to do is outrageous, but what’s really interesting to me is that we know what this ‘pastor’, in the middle of nowhere – a town called Gainsville, Fla – is planning to do. Isn’t it strange? Not only that, but ‘miraculously’ – pun intended – he got the attention of the mass media.

I didn’t even know how this frenzy started. So, in searching the internet, I was able to find that the earliest mass media report that appeared was from August 12, 2010 by Fox Orlando. Interesting coincidence. In their report, they cited a Facebook page for the “Dove World Outreach Center” as the source of the Koran burning announcement.

Being the Facebook fan that I am, and having seen other outrageous events announced there before, I launched a search for their page, but the results that Facebook produced related to this name showed no ‘official’ page or announcement. I found a few pages created against this group, and against the nonsense they stand for. These groups compiled a few thousands of people joining the opposition ranks. So, I had to wonder, was Fox the original source “uncovering” this story?

Then I learned from Terry Jones himself that they worship while carrying a gun. In that particular interview he said that Jesus would do the same, even if this act would induce violence because “he [Jesus] was not always nice.” With those statements, who can give him the benefit of the doubt? What became clear to me is how easily a man like this can be manipulated with the promise of power, money, and fame.

Think about it. He is a nobody. Not even a good speaker that could clearly articulate why he wanted to burn these books. Jones is a man that at his old age has only been able to gather a flock of 30 to follow him and his ideas. It is too late for him to dream about leaving anything relevant and good for posterity. But his irrational ambition would settle for the opportunity to leave his name imprinted somewhere, no matter that it is in the dark records of our nation’s craziest. What the hell!
Those who claim to be the only ones who understand Christianity, and the only ones that can interpret our Constitution, would also be capable of coming up with the idea that Jones claims as his, and use him as a puppet. Also, thanks to Fox News they can make this be known worldwide. Why would they? To harm the present administration internationally. This, of course, will translate in political gain. Clever plan!

These Machiavellian minds’ purpose is instilling distrust of one another, and ultimately fears of one another. Nothing new. Divide and conquer is the oldest strategy to gain power.

Except this time, they could have dragged us all into seriously dangerous business.

Fortunately, it was reported, that Jones put a halt to his plans and no burning will take place, provided that he receives a promise that a Mosque will be relocated from “Ground Zero” in New York. Weird. He despises Muslims, but he trusts their word? Not very congruent.

However, much damage has been done, and repercussions around the world are taking place already.

The scariest thing of all is the fact that our country is at close risk to be underhandedly, and hopelessly ruled by those Machiavellian minds that are willing to do any-thing to get the power, and have no limits to their ambition.

Hold on to your Holy Book!

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